I'm a 22-year-old engineering student obsessed with the photographic medium. I'm currently stuck in this dilemma: photography as self-expression or as a way of reporting the outside world. Presently I'm trying to combine both.
My purpose is to understand and then communicate the arcane but also concrete interaction between humans and their surroundings. We are the space we live in. We are the roads we roam, the mountains we climb, the streets we walk through. Everyone contributes to his closest portion of world. We are isolated lonely subjects, but we are also bound to each other, and to the sorrounding, thanks to something. Through the act of taking photographs I search for this "something".
In the process, besides focusing on space, context, and surrounding, I'm also fascinated by people themselves. I'm becoming more and more interested in how humans exchange fragments of life with each other, sometimes not even being aware of it. But it's happening. I just feel the urge to document it.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask me something, to collaborate or just to talk about photography and its meaning. Here is my email address: